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Artistic expression, like poetic expression, has long sought to speak the ineffable, to define that which defies definition, to impose scale upon the majesty of the universe and a palpable medium in which to portray its beauty. In choosing a subject, the artist must consider first what it is he wishes to convey to his audience, what secrets he wishes to divulge, what enigmas he wishes to demystify. It is not surprising that two of the subjects artists havereturned to time and again are the vast landscapes of the earth's oceans and the eloquent beauty of the female form. Taken together, these subjects represent all of the majesty, mystery and beauty one could ever wish to contemplate and ever fail to harness. It is no accident that Venus, the goddess of beauty, was born of the ocean's foam. One cannot help to imagine that Adam, in the time before Eve, must have contemplated the seas around Eden to confirm that Heaven was indeed upon the earth. "Goddesses, Sirens, and Mermaids" is an attempt to unite the grace and beauty of the sea with that of the female form and, in wedding the two, find a medium of expression capable of approaching the divine mystery all great art aspires to explore.