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My diving equipment, by choice, is SCUBAPRO. I have been using SCUBAPRO equipment for over 25 years. The equipment has met every challenge I have asked and has performed perfectly. It is the most reliable equipment I have ever used. I have never missed a dive related to equipment when using SCUBAPRO. In 2009 I became a sponsored underwater photographer by SCUBAPRO diving equipment. I am presently using a MK25/S600 regulator, Galileo Sol computer, Glide Pro BCD, Everflex Wetsuits, Black frameless mask and NOVA fins. I am proud to be sponsored by SCUBAPRO a division of Johnson Outdoors, Racine, WI

My underwater camera housings are SUBAL. I use SUBAL N-3 for the Nikon D-3. SUBAL makes one of the finest underwater housings in the world, engineered and built in Austria.
I have used them extensively in expedition conditions, most recently 4 months everyday with minimal cleaning and maintenance, and they worked perfectly.

My underwater strobes are made by SUBTRONIC. I use 160 strobes and the NOVA Strobes. Hand made in Germany they are rugged and deliver quality and innovation.

Prior to the Sharks being photographed for my project in the Bahamas, before digital.

The camera equipment used for the book project was the Nikon N-90s camera, with Nikon 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm lenses. I used professional underwater housings and strobes. The book was photographed on film. The color film used was Fujichrome Provia; the black and white film used was Kodak T-Max. The dive equipment used for this project was primarily SCUBAPRO.

The dive locations for this project were spread throughout the Caribbean with an emphasis in the Bahamas. The images for this web site were scanned on a flatbed scanner and converted to JPEG files for minimal loading time. The web site's JPEGs are intended to give the viewer a modest representation of what images have been created. Bear in mind, however, that the actual portfolio prints render more truly and with greater subtlety what the artist has envisioned for this project.