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Photography captures moments in time. The still image is the best way I express myself artistically. It ultimately became a passion and my profession. Through being a photojournalist for almost a decade I had seen amazing events captured in a single image in a single moment that embodied the true essence of connecting the viewer with emotions and thought far beyond the story. In using scuba diving as an escape from the business of photography for many years, I observed the inhabitants of the ocean realm. I dreamed of photographs that could show people the connection I feel we all have with the sea. In a desire to share this with others I have undertaken a quest below the waves to bring together and document the union of the human form and the beauty of the sea. In introducing the form of the nude female to the ocean I use this to represent our innate desires to connect with our mother the ocean and dance and explore with our distant ancestors, who still inhabit our first home. I want to share this dream of the ocean with those who have ever felt that longing for a reunion and a desire to touch our past, present and future. My hope is to awaken the sense of union and belonging and if we will work to preserve this world below and above the waves than we have truly made the connection.
Todd Gary Essick